Hi, I'm Alex,

I spent my formative career years in corporate, first working on the communications team at a news agency in both London and New York and then as Director of Communications for a global stock exchange and then an education company.
I climbed the corporate ladder quickly and was put on a leadership track. At each turn, I was given more responsibility and more leadership training. Each year, I became less of myself.
The more I spoke to people—both corporate professionals and business owners—the more I heard my frustrations echoed. We were all aspiring to be a version of leadership that we saw somewhere at the top; we were all sacrificing large parts of ourselves in the process. 
In 2015, I left corporate and founded Human at the Helm as an experiment. What happens when you arm business owners with both modern brand and marketing strategies and resources to better understand themselves as leaders? And what happens when you build that understanding into the DNA of the brand?

Having worked with dozens of founders over the past six years, I can tell you that the research tracks. I’ve seen everything from conversion rates tripling in a week to first-time group programs being filled in a matter of days. Mostly, I’ve seen business owners come fully alive in their work and unique approach to it. Which, it turns out, is the most magnetic brand and marketing tool there is.

Research shows that the most influential business leaders are those who align their values and actions. They lead authentically, vulnerably and with purpose. 


So why are we still packing up large parts of ourselves in the name of leadership?

Human at the Helm is a resource hub for new founders that supports both the growth of the business and the human at the helm of it.

What You’ll Find:

Half and full-day brand, messaging and marketing workshops to get you clarity, quickly.

A personal branding program to help you identify your unique leadership qualities and build an authentic thought leadership platform.

Tools, templates and masterclasses in the Resource Library. Coming soon! 

Why This Work?

I come from a long line of business owners, from dress shop and grocery store owners to an aerospace consultant. That entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in me.

Growing up with stories of my family’s entrepreneurial journeys and having worked with dozens of business owners over the years, I know the grit, resilience and drive to make a real impact that lives in every founder.

I also know how overwhelming it is to learn how to build and market your business from the ground up and how critical these first few years are to the success of your business.

The majority of resources available to new business owners teach shout-it-from-the-rooftop strategies. Those don’t work anymore. Many also tout a specific leadership style grounded in influence and persuasion. That doesn’t really work anymore either.

I built Human at the Helm to share the best of what is working in one place and to give business owners the opportunity to get 1:1 and personal branding support as needed.


My mission is to help more new businesses—and business owners—pass the five-year mark thriving using a modern, human-centric approach to business building.

There’s no community I’m more proud to work with or be a part of than the small business community. 

Thanks for being here!

Alex Honeysett is a seasoned Brand & Marketing Strategist and founder of Human at the Helm.
Prior to founding Human at the Helm, Alex was the Director of Communications at Channel One News (acquired by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) and NASDAQ. She was also Content Lead at HD Made and PR Manager at Reuters, working out of both their New York and London offices.

Alex has landed executives guest blogs and op-eds in leading national and trade publications including Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc and Wall Street Journal; speaking gigs at conferences around the world including SxSW, Emerging Women, CHRO Leadership Summit, and more; and media coverage in print and broadcast outlets including the Today Show, Mashable, BBC, NPR, and CNN. Her own articles have been featured in the Daily Muse, Forbes, Inc., Mashable, DailyWorth, TIME and Newsweek.

Alex is a certified CultureTalk partner and conducts archetypal assessments for leaders. She is also an advising partner of Purposeful Communications.



Guiding Principles

Everything you’ll find here at Human at the Helm is driven by five guiding principles:


Business is about people

Our brands aren’t what we say they are, they’re what our customers, stakeholders, employees and partners say they are. Which means it’s critical to get the people part right. The strategies I share here are rooted in the basics of human behavior and connection.


People are... complICATED

More complicated than those ideal client avatar exercises give us credit for. Getting to know our audience(s) isn’t a weekend exercise—it’s an ongoing commitment. 


Transparency, trust and purpose

Purpose and transparency drive trust, and trust drives everything else. No business in 2021 is viable without them (research backs this up). Also, there’s a misconception that profit and purpose are at odds with one another; but purpose-driven businesses are actually 3x more profitable  (Source: 2020 Global Marketing Trends, Deloitte). 


Fluidity over mastery

Businesses don’t succeed because they’ve mastered Instagram. Instead, the most successful businesses know how to stay nimble—they listen, create, iterate, try new things, find what works, drop what doesn’t and keep going.


When in doubt, serve

As we navigate building a business and personal brand, it’s easy to get in our own way. When in doubt, we come back to the question: How can I help? This extends beyond our customers to our communities, neighbors and fellow business owners. (At HatH, I donate a portion of each month’s profits to small business owners and organizations supporting them). 


Interested in working together?

"Alex is a true collaborator who sees the big picture of your small business."

Founder, Follow the Fear

Lisa Pertoso

"She helped me better understand the why behind my work by bringing reflection questions and exercises, and then crafted my brand messaging to feel authentic. Working with Alex was a creative and fun partnership that left me feeling reenergized to lead my company. "