Half and full-day strategy sessions for founders looking for clarity, quickly.


Clarify your most foundational messaging and marketing strategies,  tackle your unique business-building challenges and get your content created. 


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For businesses in need of content creation. Book half or full content days to tackle your highest-priority content needs, from editing your LinkedIn profile and bio to batch-creating a month's worth of blog content. 

This includes:
      •  LinkedIn Profile
      •  Bio
      •  Blog Articles
      •  White Papers
      •  Newsletters
      •  Website Copy
      •  Video & Course Scripts

I've written on behalf of brands and executives for 15+ years and my own articles have been featured in The Muse, Forbes,, Mashable, Newsweek and more. First drafts are completed within the day and include one additional round of edits and feedback. 

90 Minute Strategy

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These quick and targeted strategy sessions are for working through one real-time business question or challenge related to your messaging, PR and marketing strategy or personal brand.

I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies to start-ups in both B2B and B2C across industries (and the Atlantic). I won’t claim to have seen it all, but I’ve seen most of it. In this highly-efficient session we put our heads together to solve the problem and define clear next steps for moving forward.

These sessions can also be used as monthly business strategy sessions as needed. 

HatH Content Day(s)

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For business owners who have stalled in their PR and marketing efforts and need help evolving their current strategy. My corporate and entrepreneurial experience blends PR, content marketing and thought leadership to create a holistic, modern approach to promoting your business and products.

Over a series of strategy sessions, we troubleshoot your current strategy to identify the disconnect(s); hone your business goals and connect them to repeatable PR & marketing tactics; identify the 2 - 3 most effective PR & marketing avenues for the business and create a high-level content and thought leadership strategy. You'll walk away with a:
      • Modern Nine-Month PR & Marketing Roadmap
      • High-Level Content Strategy
      • Thought Leadership Strategy

Each roadmap is drafted with your specific business, industry, resources and leadership approach in mind and mindfully connects your brand purpose with your PR and marketing delivery. This evolved PR and marketing strategy, and what you learn as you execute against it, will inform and define your PR and marketing approach for years to come.

PR & Marketing Strategy: Refresh 

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PR and marketing platforms are important, but it's what you say once you get there that defines the brand. Whether you're drafting brand messaging from scratch or looking to evolve your current messaging foundation, we work together over a series of strategy sessions to craft and finalize your brand's seven most critical messaging pieces:
      •  Purpose/Mission
      •  Core Messaging: Why/How/What
      •  Elevator Pitch
      •  Market Positioning

      •  Brand Boilerplate
      •  Thought Leadership Themes
      •  Brand Values

The messaging foundation we create serves as the bedrock of your internal and external brand communications moving forward. 

Brand Messaging

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Strategy Sessions

Content Creation

Founder, PresentVoices

Leah Bonvissuto

“I thought I would leave my brand messaging workshop with new messaging but I left with so much more. "

"Alex helped me craft a whole new vision for my business. She guided me through a thoughtful process and was a much-needed outside eye who challenged me to think bigger but always made me feel heard and in control. She has a gift for understanding your message and envisioning a message that is truthful and powerful.”