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To build a successful business you do not need a complex business plan. But you do need a contemporary framework to help organize your ideas and lay the groundwork for your most foundational business strategies.

An alternative to the traditional business plan, this 80+ page guide is packed with brand and marketing research, strategies, tactics and 24 DIY exercises to help you build an intentional, modern business foundation.

This guide is written specifically for consultants and service-based business owners and covers ten key business-building areas: Problem and Solution, Brand Purpose, Brand Vision, Context and Positioning, Audience, Brand Values, Business Goals, Business Model, Resources and First Next Steps.

Build a Modern Business Foundation: A Comprehensive Guide for New Business Owners




This Get to Know Your Audience: Workbook includes seven modern exercises to help you better understand your audience’s driving values, worldview and their highly specific and personal pain points. It also includes a step-by- step framework for finding and interviewing your target audience and email scripts to guide your outreach.

Note: These exercises are all included in Build a Modern Business Foundation: A Comprehensive Guide for New Business Owners. If you’ve purchased the guide, you'll find them in Section Five.

Get to Know Your Audience: Workbook


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Pitch Yourself: Email Scripts

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Workbooks and Templates


A modern bio template for business owners and executives who need a refresh. In addition to sharing the sentence-by-sentence bio drafting framework I use with clients, this workbook also explains the role your bio plays in establishing trust, tackles the most common bio-related questions and shares several bio examples to inspire your own.

How to Write a Better Bio

What we value impacts how we feel; how we feel impacts what we do. Which is why defining your guiding values is critical to building an intentional, and meaningful, personal brand. This worksheet includes 220+ values and a simple exercise to help you find and articulate yours.

The Personal Brand
Values List: Worksheet

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