How do we promote ourselves and our work in ways that feel meaningful? 



We help business owners and corporate professionals
establish themselves as industry leaders—authentically.

Over three deep dive strategy sessions, we build your thought leadership foundation from the ground up. We explore your personal purpose, leading strengths, innate leadership style and personal brand values. We also get tactical—you’ll walk away with a new bio, LinkedIn profile, thought leadership themes, a content calendar, pitch targets and next steps on how to promote yourself in ways that align with how you best connect with people. 
This experience is especially powerful for founders and corporate professionals who haven’t always seen themselves reflected in today’s leadership. Maybe you shy away from public speaking and feel more comfortable with small groups over big audiences; or are a multi-passionate person who struggles to communicate the through-line of your passions and expertise. 

Our Thought Leadership Sessions help founders and corporate professionals identify their leading strengths, unique leadership style and build an intentional personal brand foundation.

Most thought leadership work centers on establishing credibility and influence in an industry. That’s important and part of the deal. But if you’re here, you’re likely searching for ways to build a personal brand that’s also intentional and values-driven. It’s not just about the optics for you—it’s about doing meaningful work, and promoting your expertise in service of something bigger.


We all carry important leadership qualities;
this program is designed to help reveal and promote yours.

The Sessions Breakdown

01 /

Finding What Matters


Articulating Strengths & Expertise

03 /

Promoting the Work

Your personal brand is defined by your ability to articulate your vision, lead with conviction and rally people around your purpose. Whether you’re a business owner or corporate professional, you can’t do any of those things without first clarifying what matters to you. What is this personal brand in service of? 

What’s Included: Personal Purpose, Personal Brand Values, Innate Leadership Style, Manifesto

Part strengths deep dive, part messaging exercise, this session focuses on crafting a personalized talking points document with language that is both specific and differentiating. We'll articulate your leading strengths, expertise, leadership style and soft skills. We'll then use our foundational talking points to craft a new bio and LinkedIn profile. 

What’s Included: Strengths-Based Talking Points Document, New Bio, New LinkedIn Profile 

Finally, we handpick the content and platforms we’ll use to promote your work. What are the conversations you’re especially passionate about leading? How do you innately connect and communicate with people? Rooted in a strengths-based approach, we build a thought leadership roadmap that’s tactical, efficient and feels good. 

What’s Included: Thought Leadership Themes, Personal Brand Outreach Roadmap 

Investment: Starting at $2,750

Whether you're looking for a new job opportunity, wanting to raise your visibility within your organization/the wider industry or build relationships with the people you most want to know, this work helps promote your expertise and shape the next phase of your career. 

Thought Leadership Sessions for Corporate Professionals


"Love working with Alex! She is a clear-eyed strategist and elegant thinker. Can’t wait to tap her wisdom again."

Founder of EOY Media and author of the Edge of Yesterday series

Robin Stevens Payes