When intention is at the core of your personal brand strategy, one of the first rocks we turn over is your values. Not your business' values, but you, the person. What matters deeply to you? 

It can seem easy to dismiss values exercises in favor of performance-driven marketing tactics. But what you care about not only serves as the engine for the work you do, but also dictates how you treat people, how you lead and how you purposefully promote your work. Recent research also shows an overwhelming link between leaders who clearly articulate their values and increased consumer engagement. 

Which is all to say: The marketing is important, and we'll get to it. But first, let's explore the principles and beliefs that define you.

The Personal Brand
Values List

What's Included

The Personal Brand Values List includes:
  • A list of 200+ driving values
  • Research from Deloitte on our eight most commonly shared values
  • A powerful exercise to help you identify and articulate your five driving values

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