Many years ago, I wrote a personal branding column for a publication for The Muse. After writing an article on bio drafting, I received a flood of emails. From just-out-of-school corporate professionals to senior business leaders, it seemed everyone was staring at a blinking cursor, struggling to articulate their strengths and accomplishments in a way that felt authentic.

This guide was born from that article more than eight years ago. In it, I share the step-by-step process I use to help clients draft an intentional, well-crafted bio. You'll find prompts that walk you through how to clearly articulate your accomplishments and innate skills and strengths, guidance on how to bring it all together and bio examples from other business professionals. 

Each year, I update the guide with our latest thinking and new bio examples. This is the 2023 version. 

The Story Behind
the Guide

What's Included

The How to Write a Better Bio 2023 includes:
  • A look at the three things the best bios do well
  • The bio template I currently use with clients, broken down into eight sections
  • Prompts to help you think through and articulate your experience, accomplishments, values, soft skills, strengths and more
  • A bio-writing FAQ that answers your biggest questions (like word-count, first person vs. third person, etc.)
  • Four different bio examples: A Goldman Sachs executive, an interior design firm owner, a communications consultant and a personal trainer. 

Who's The Guide For?

This guide is for business owners, startup founders, corporate professionals and college students who need to draft a bio from scratch or update their current version. 

As with everything in the Resource Library, this guide is for people who want to approach building a personal brand and business with meaning and intention. We cover all the credibility-building bases, while also helping you articulate your values, worldview and intended impact. 

"Alex is a true collaborator who sees the big picture of your small business."

Lisa Pertoso

Founder, Follow the Fear