I created this guide to arm new business owners with a modern, human-centric framework for getting your most foundational questions answered.

The business landscape has changed significantly over the past five years, with the pandemic only accelerating those changes. Yet the majority of resources aimed at helping new business owners get off the ground rely on brand and marketing tactics from a different era. In other words, they don't work anymore.

In wanting to arm new business owners with a more modern way to do this, I asked three questions:

1. What do we need to know about your business to get you successfully launched and help you make strategic, intentional choices moving forward?

2. How do we move past outdated business-building exercises and into questions that provoke deeper thinking and human understanding?

3. How do we build a business foundation that's reliable enough to serve as a roadmap and nimble enough to evolve as you, and the business, do?

The framework I introduce in this guide is the same one I use with clients in our Business Foundation strategy session (a $3,500+ value). The strategies, tactics and exercises I share are the very best of what I've observed and learned about successful business-building in my 15+ years of PR and marketing experience with start-ups up to Fortune 500 companies.

An Alternative to the Traditional Business Plan

This guide is written specifically for consultants and service-based business owners including business consultants, lawyers, therapists and psychologists, personal trainers, interior designers and more. These are business owners who are looking for a framework to build an intentional, purpose-driven business foundation and get their base level questions answered, like:

• How do I price my products and services? 
• What do I need to know about my audience to effectively market to them?
• Which revenue streams do I launch with?
• How do I articulate my brand purpose?
• What are my brand values?
• How do I set intentional business goals?
• What’s my market positioning?
• What resources do I need to get the business up and running?
• How do I know where to start?

This guide is also for established service-based business owners and executives who want to revisit these foundational questions. 

Who It’s For

1. Problem and Solution
2. Brand Purpose
3. Brand Vision
4. Context and Positioning
5. Audience
6. Brand Values
7. Business Goals
8. High-Level Business Model (Revenue Streams & Pricing)
9. Resources
10. First Next Steps

This guide includes 80+ pages of research, tactics and strategies and 24 DIY exercises. It covers ten key business-building areas:

What's Included:

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How is the guide delivered?
The guide is delivered as a downloadable PDF.

How long do I have access?
Forever. You will receive an email with the download link that you can reference as long as you need. 

Do you update the guide?
I review the guide quarterly and, when edits are required, send you an updated version with the latest research and thinking.

Can I refund my purchase?
While I hope this guide successfully delivers on its promise to help you build a modern business foundation, of course. If you’re unhappy with it for any reason, I offer full refunds. 


Buy the Build Your Business Foundation Guide

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